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My Seminary Life

Episode 149 / 2nd Mar, 2024

The Whole Church Podcast

Episode 214 / 28th Feb, 2024

Let Nothing Move You

Episode 20 / 4th Mar, 2024

Systematic Geekology

Bonus / 4th Mar, 2024

The Homily

Episode 6 / 8th Jan, 2024

Dummy for Theology

Episode 14 / 19th Dec, 2023

The Bible After-Hours

Episode 15 / 9th Jan, 2024

Hockey Night in Carolina

/ 4th Mar, 2024

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Anazao Ministries Podcasts - AMP

anazao (an-ah-zah'-o) is the transliteration of a Koine Greek term for "new life" or "recovering life". The tense of the verb can either be something that happened or is happening. A revival is an "anazao"; to come back to life after death is to "anazao"; to continually renew your mind, body, and soul is to "anazao".

We aim to anazao in all our podcasts by asking the bigger questions. We feel that much of Christian media has become stale or lifeless, because it won't go near deeper questions or topics. Rather than focusing on questions or topics like- "how to spread the gospel", "is this / that right or wrong", "Jesus is the answer for everything", "be happy" - we want to go deeper.

We hope to get away from these surface-level conversations and dig deeper by asking questions like "How do we know the Gospel is true?", "What does it mean for something to be right or wrong?", "How did Jesus save? / Do our atonement theories really make sense?", "How do we make sense of Romans 7:9 where it says that sin can 'anazao?'", "How do we make sense of Biblical characters that seem to suffer from depression despite being right with God?", and "Why do so many Christians approve of Tony Stark and his promiscuous behavior, but hate the idea of LGBTQIA+ heroes?" We believe that by asking these bigger questions, the Church can anazao again!